It’s interesting thinking about what makes someone confident… Sometimes outward appearances of confidence or of lack of confidence can be deceiving. Personally, I think that true confidence on the most honest and deep level is rare.

"Confidence is directly proportional to the degree you will experience a rewarding and fulfilling life"

Where does confidence come from?
Confidence comes from believing in yourself, and knowing that you are a worthy human being.
Confidence is being secure in your abilities and talents without having to rely on external praise and confirmations from others.
It allows you to feel at ease with youself, and as if by magic this makes people around you also feel at ease.

Deceptive appearances of confidence:

  • Competence: A person who seems to be good at something is not necessarily confident about their ability. On the flip-side, some people have confidence without competence which is also not ideal. It would be scary having a confident but incompetent surgeon operating on someone for example.
  • Cockiness/ Arrogance: A confident person need not proclaim how wonderful they are to the world because they are secure enough to know their self-worth without having the need to show off about it.
  • Bullying: If a person bullies people and tramples over them, it does not mean they are confident. True confidence generates positive feelings in others, not negative ones.


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